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About PJL Music


PJL Music is dedicated to providing services to people in the music industry. In business since 2010, PJL Music provides quality services such as guitar lessons, recording services, DJ and sound engineering services for live events, technichal expertise, session guitar services for studio, and Web Design.

Our mission is simple: make music fun while helping students and musicians reach their goals. The basic proposition of our business is simple, solid, and timeless. We bring expertise, value, joy, and fun to our customers. And we work hard to consistently refine our quality of service, expand our technological capabilities, and increase our overall efficiency as a company.

To our Clients:

We promise to deliver quality services in a friendly and professional environment that will help promote complete customer satisfaction. Whether it's guitar tuition, recording services, or technical consultation you require, we will make a committment to helping you to achieve your goals.

We consider our prices to be very competitive but we are prepared to negotiate if you are prepared to commit to ongoing services. Because we are not paying high rents to have a shop in the down town area like a lot of our competitors, we have the ability to keep the prices very low.

To the Community:

Serve as a good corporate citizen within each local community. Preserve and protect our environment and support community programs toward that end.


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