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Demo recording slide. Demo recording slide. Demo recording slide.

Demo Recording

From a crisp clean vocal to a heavy metal guitar sound, PJL Music has the right equipment to make you sound like a pro. The friendly staff here at PJL Music are ready and waiting to record your demo the right way.

This is what you can expect during a recording session at PJL Music Studios:

  • We will discuss your requirements to work out the best plan for achieving your goals.
  • We will inform you of how the recording process works and explain each step so you know what to expect.
  • Once we have a good idea of your requirements, we will set you up on the equipment to get you compfortable with the gear.
  • We will then get you to make a quick demo recording to get the recording levels set to an optimum level.
  • If you have backing music, we will then go ahead and add it to the recorder on a dedicated channel.
  • When all the levels and effects are set we will get you to record your first test recording to get warmed up and so we can check the sound.
  • After that, we will get you to make your first serious recording.
  • After you are satisfied with the result of your recording, we will master it onto a cd for you to take with you.

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