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Heavy Metal Guitar Tuition

Mad guitar Phil has over two decades of experience in playing and teaching guitar. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced , mad guitar Phil has all the necessary skills, techniques, and experience to help you improve your guitar playing capabilities.

This is what you can expect during a heavy metal guitar lesson:

  • Students will be greeted by mad guitar Phil who will take down some brief details concerning their levels of guitar playing experience and the styles of heavy metal he or she is interested in learning in preperation for their first lesson
  • Once a student's skill level has been determined, our expert guitar teacher (mad guitar Phil) will start him or her on an appropriate tuitional plan that will improve his or her guitar playing skills
  • Beginners will be taught basic heavy metal guitar fundamentals which will include learning about all the different parts of a guitar and how to tune and maintain their instrument. This will be followed by instruction on the correct way to hold the guitar, how to hold the pick, strumming methods, single note picking methods, and some simple heavy metal power chord structures.
  • Intermediate and advanced students will be first assessed to find out their current skill levels. Then after consulting with each student and observing his or her skills, PJL Music will tailor a tuitional path that will help each student achieve his or her goals.
  • Students will also be given advise about equipment and how to set it up to get that powerful heavy metal sound. This will include advise on which equipment will be required to produce the desired sound and how to set things like effects pedals and or amplifiers to achieve these sounds
  • Each student will be given a cd with heavy metal backing tracks to practise along with while at home

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