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Session guitarist photo. Session guitarist photo. Session guitarist photo.

Session Guitarist

You have composed a rock masterpeice, now you need someone to play the lead guitar part. Pleas let us help you with that. PJL Music has professional guitarists standing by to assist you in recording the more difficult parts of your music track.

Our session guitarists have the skills to make your music come to life:

  • We will take the time to go through your music track and work out a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Lead guitar is our specialty so you can sit back and watch as out professionals shred out some mind boggling riffs.
  • We have all the effects to produce any guitar sound you require, from a clean country sound to a screeming heavy metal lead sound.
  • Our guitarists are also happy to integrate our playing with yours if you feel confident to play certain parts yourself.
  • Rest assured that whatever the situation, you will not be disappointed with the results if you choose to use our guitarists.

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